One of the oldest church building in Tivland

Here is a list of other churches in no particular order, that also have a strong presence in and around Tivland.  You can click on the name of the church for more information.

Anglican Church

​Christ Apostolic Church


ECWA Church 

Living Faith Church 

Redeemed Christian Church of God

Word Aflame


The two largest Tiv-speaking churches in Tivland to date are the URCC formally call N.K.S.T (Adua u Ortese) and the Roman Catholic church (Adua u fada) These two churches have withstood the test of time and change!  Expanding through Tivland, building hospitals, schools and Orphanages. So these two churches are featured on this page. For other churches please scroll to the bottom of the page.

URCC (N.K.S.T) currently has it's headquaters in Mkar, Benue  State. Mkar is home to one of the oldest URCC church  buildings.  If you are ever in Benue State and want to do some sight seeing drive up to the Church, it still stands tall and beautiful as ever with church bell and all. And if you visit on a Sunday morning you can join in on Tiv worship.  For more information about the church you can visit their website at

The Catholic Diocese of Makurdi has many parishs through out the state.  To find out more about the Roman Catholic church you can visit their website at

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