Tiv Snacks and Drinks

Asondo (dried sweet potatoes)

Asondo are sweet potatoes that have been sliced, boiled and dried out in the sun. It is a rather chewy snack that once you get hooked on you can't stop eating

Ishwa sha ahi (Sesame seeds and groundnuts)

A blend of lightly salted roasted groundnuts and roasted sesame seeds mixed together is a very common snack among the Tiv.

Igbouh ahi (Roasted or boiled Bambara nuts)

Igbouh ahi can either be eaten in the roasted and salted form or boiled in its shell.  Either way gbyor ahi is a delectible Tiv sanck

Kureke i mgban/ijiir (Roasted/boiled corn)
Kureke is Corn.  Kureke can be eaten as a snack, by either boiling it or roasting it.

Nyam i taan mkem (Seasoned Roasted meat)
You will usually find roasted peppered meats of all kinds in the evening market all around Benue. You have chicken, fish, pork and even caterpillars sometimes.

Mzembe u mgban (Roasted pear)
Roasted pear is often eaten with roasted corn or just by itself. Another way that pears are eaten as a snack is by boiling it with a little bit of salt and palm oil.

Hungwaja (Roasted grasshoppers)
Wild grasshoppers are roasted and eaten

Huu (Roasted termites)
Termites that fly out at night after a heavy rain are seasoned with salt, roasted, dewinged and eaten as a snack or in soup with ruam.

Abun u kaan man u jii (Roasted or boiled Groundnuts)
Groundnuts are a very common snack among the Tiv.  During harvest season of groundnuts the fresh groundnuts are boiled in their shells and then peeled and eaten.  Later on when they are no longer in season the dried groundnuts are then roasted with salt and eaten in this way.

Ishoho( boiled or dried Tiger nuts)
Ishoho is Tiger nuts.  Tiger nuts like groundnuts are eaten boiled during the harvest season and eaten dried when the season has passed.

Byer (Poridge)

Byer is a poridge made from millet flour and it can be eaten as a meal (usually breakfast) or a snack in between meals.

Apkupka u ahii

Apkupka u ahii is a loaf that is made out of banbara nuts flour, palm oil and salt. It can also be eaten as a meal as it is very filling.

Apkupka u alev

Apkupka u alev like u ahii is a loaf, but it is made from beans (black eyed peas) with the similar ingredients to the latter and very similar in the way they look, but different in taste.

Kuwese u logo

Kuwese u logo is patty made from grated cassava, onions and pepper and is deep fried in palm oil or groundnut oil.  

Kuwese u alev

Kuwese u alev is like the logo, but it is made out of beans instead of cassava and it is generally deep fried in groundnut oil. This sometimes paired with porridge or custard and served as breakfast. But it is mostly eaten as a snack.



Burukutu is an African alcoholic beverage, brewed from the grains of Guinea corn and millet.And although the Tiv can not claim ownership of Burukutu it is still widely comsumed by the Tiv so I must mention it.


Palm wine is an alcoholic beverage created from the sap of various species of palm tree such as the palmyra, date palms, and coconut palms. It is known by various names in different regions and is very common among Tiv people.