Universities in Tivland

The Tiv people are very level headed people and the average Tiv person is very intellegent and able to grasp complex concept rather easily. Also though there are many institutions of higher learning in Tivland, there are currently three main Universities . Benue State University, University of Agriculture and the University of Mkar

University of Agriculture 

This university was established in 1988, following the recommendations of a 1987 federal government White Paper on Higher Education curriculum and development in Nigeria. It is also located in the state Capital in Makurdi. Follow the link to learn more from their website http://uam.edu.ng/

University of Mkar

The University of Mkar is a private Christian institution established by the Universal Reformed Christian Church (URCC)  or (NKST)to make a mark in the educational landscape of the nation.  It is located Mkar, Benue State. You can follow the link to learn more about them http://www.ummportal.net

Benue State University​

Benue State university is our state own University located along Gboko road in Makurdi, Benue State. Founded in 1992 by Moses Adasu it boast of a student body of over 30,000 students. It offers undergraduate and graduate programs with a catalog of over 50 graduate programs across seven colleges.   Follow the link to  learn more from their website. http://portal.bsum.edu.ng/